Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Trip to CA

So I didn't end up taking photos at the big G. Too embarrassing to whip out a camera in the middle of the tour? Well anyway the campus was aight. It was nice, a typical silicon valley campus, a little like a university campus. The free food was awesome. I spied piles of shrimp and crab claws in the cafeteria! Imagine that?! Too bad they fed us in a smaller conference room instead :P and no seafood either. GRRR. But we did get to dip our hands in the fridge and help ourselves to all kinds of soda and fruit juices. I saw this guy drink like 3 bottles of "Naked" juice just because it's free...cheapo!

The company has awesome perks but its a tad too cultish for me. And I've done the whole tech company thing already ... oh but did u also know they let u take food home in take out boxes for dinner?! You can see photos by searching on flickr.

Anyway the weather was amazing that weekend. I got to see the flowers my dad grew ...

s500 029

We also got to eat at this korean place called ...*drum roll* DA CHANG JIN lol

s500 017


gracie said...

wah where is this da chang jin? so funny hehe..

and what do u mean the flowers your dad grew? your parents are based in california ah?

mini said...

hrmm i forget where it is was on the way to the airport, near ikea and ranch99 hehe *blush*

Anonymous said...

The picture you posted here is the Santa Barbara plum tree flowers. If you stay a little longer in Ca, you get to see the peach blossoms too.