Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Eyes! My Eyes!

OK I might be getting slightly prudish as I get older. But omg wtf are some of the people here wearing?! I know the weather is warming up but please please refrain from exposing more than arms legs and cleavage! But oh well gives me something to gasp at and bitch about.

1)Offender #1:
Walking to school this morning I saw this girl in what looked like shorts from the distance. but on closer look it was a skirt. and then as I was smirking in distaste as i gloated over the cellulite, the skirt moves up and I see lower butt cheeks! ARGHK dies.

2)Offender #2:
One of my classmates shows up yesterday in a tomato red imitation DVF dress. OK so the dress is aight but omg I can see half her boobs (u know dvf dresses)! Not just cleavage. How is this appropriate for class??? Ok for evening, but class?????

I will keep a look out for offender #3. Don't think it'll be hard to spot since I'm already averaging 1 per day.


takchek said...

Eye candy for us straight guys...Haha.

mini said...

ahem the ass is not very nice lor. offender #2 maybe :P

Nordiah said...

Ok I have to admit...I enjoy reading your times :)
Yup, won't be hard finding Offender 3. I see tons of them here already, I lost count!! They're everywhere.

mini said...

nordiah *waves* you haven't updated your blog lately. I like seeing photos of your food :D

~e~ said...

at least Offender #2 got boobs to show... haha.. your male classmates must have had a hard time concentrating!

Nordiah said...

Yeah I have been lazy blogging. Still love cooking though. Yesterday I had cake shells and smothered it with my homemade durian frosting. I finished it before I could take the pictures LOL!!