Friday, May 25, 2007

Skool's out 4 Summer!

You know that feeling you get when exams are over? Somehow all my favorite procrastination activities (tv, blogging) don't seem like that much fun anymore. And I don't want to clean the apt or run errands. All I want to do is snack all day and think of more stuff to buy ...ARGK!

Anyway to make somewhat productive use of my time, I will plan some mini vacations from our base in Singapore and I will need help from you guys!

So far I have ...

Long Trips:
China - Everywhere + Lijiang again!

Weekend Trips:

I don't know I need ideas .... and let me know if anyone wants to come with us :) Luxury and roughing it out trips welcome.


S* said...

If you want to meet up with us in Maldives/Mauritus/Goa, let me know. I want to plan a trip there too.

~e~ said...

s*> ooh... me for all 3! and Kerala too! unfortunately the hubs is not too keen on india....

mini> how about krabi? i've never been but it's less touristy than phuket, i heard. i think hoi an might be nice too.

mini said...

ooo when are u guys thinking? can u overlap with the middle 2 weeks of august? unless it's a weekend trip before that since i have to work :(

e ...good recs! kerala sounds interesting! and i hear hoi and halong bay are really nice too. might have to spend a while there :)

gracie said...

Boy do I know that feeling =D As for trip to China, if u get to go to Shanghai or Beijing, let me know so I can pass u some massage recommendations.

mini said...

gracie> OOOH YES PLEASE i love massages ..mmmm