Friday, November 30, 2007


Not sure why but I keep getting into these weird fights at school over space! I'm really a very nice and considerate person, I don't know why this keeps happening to me??

Was at the library yesterday in a meeting room. Some Nobo person had reserved the room but never showed, so naturally my team took it over. Anyway team member 1 left for class and I was to be joined by team members 2 and 3.

Then as I was standing at the door chatting with a friend and waiting for team members 2 and 3, psycho byotch appears ...

: Are you the only one in the room?
Innocent Party Me: I'm waiting for my team mate for a meeting. B: We should maximize space. I have a team meeting. Why don't you guys meet outside in the seating area?
Innocent Me: Erh no thanks. (Did she not hear I have a meeting too????)
B: Are you Nobo? (Points to schedule on door)
Innocent Me: No ...are you? (INCREDULOUS)
B: ... (turns around all huffy) --> leaves
Innocent Me: Sorrryyyyyyyy (dripping with sacharin)

WTF is wrong with this psycho? Who does she think she is? I got there first! Like why would I want to meet in the seating area?? It's the damn library can?? How am I suppposed to talk in the seating area??

So later I spy the psycho byotch peaking into my meeting room to check that my team mates had arrived. *** FUMES ***


matreshka said...

What's Nobo????

And hahaha... your reaction very good. I wouldn't have been able to pull that off!

Inspira said...

Super comeback Mini! :-P

mini said...

hee thanks!

it came naturally. usually I'd be stumped sigh ... :P

Gab Gab said...

aiyo its just a meeting room leh, why did she get all huffy? Like thats the only meeting room in the whole school?!