Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Tried calling virgin atlantic to see if I could change the dates of my flight reservation. Another MOST annoying customer service call!

Me: I want to change my reservation
Agent: What? I can't hear you.
Me: What is all that noise in the background? (Sounds like 100 indian agents talking at the same time so I know it's not a poor connection on my end)
Agent: What? I can't hear you.
Me: GRRR * cups phone and repeat*
Agent: What is your reservation number?
Me: P as in Paul
Agent: T as in Tom?
Me: No P as in Paul, Peach, Peter
Agent: T as in Tom? Can you try other words?
Me: ARHGKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!

I don't care if you transfer me to India or where-ever but the quality.... I know cost savings are important but how much more is it going to cost to rent a larger office? Don't hire the agency that has 50 people sit in a small office especially if they're taking phone calls!!!!!!! GRRR ..and oh yes, and make sure they can tell the difference between P and T. But maybe it's not his fault, it's the damn over crowded office ...

OK back to studying.


matreshka said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... it's the same reason why I'm always so reluctant to call my web vendor. They have this one technician manning the phone, and every time I call - she just never gets what I'm trying to say. It came to a point where I had to ask her if there's anyone else to help me.

Thankfully, I'm not the only one in the office who's felt that way. heheh.

mini said...

that sounds really annoying!! is it always the same person??? maybe u can hang up and call back lol

Inspira said...

Virgin is notorious for their customer service (or lack thereof) - at least for me(!) I swore I will never fly with them after the last one on Virgin Blue from Melbourne to Sydney.

mini said...

insp> what happened with yours?

i should be grateful someone even picked up the phone huh? lol ..darned budget airlinessss!!

Inspira said...

Mini, I had to change dates as well, cos' I was feeling really ill. Like I mean, so ill that I can't stand up kind and puking all over. I just remembered that I was tearing my hair out whilst on the phone with them to sort that out and if they insist on not changing my flights, then be prepared to clean out the puke in the airplane - that made them change their minds to change my flights. Grrrr.....(I felt like such a biotch!)