Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's official !

We're going to Iceland at the end of August! Booked the tickets :) Figured that we'd never be as close to Iceland as we are now in Boston. Iceland's only a 5 hr flight away though not a cheap one :P Also it's summer now and there's no better time to visit.

We considered a bunch of other locations like Nova Scotia (a bit the boring), Carribean (P was kinda fixated with the Cayman islands ... maybe he subconsciously wants to evade taxes) and Azores (I researched it too late haha sorry). Well the Caribbean will always be accessible even from the West Coast. Azores, I dunno, P can we go there too? Pretty please?

Now I have to book the hotels and car rental. We're going to drive ... I feel like I'm visiting Lord of the Rings country.

PS: Thanks e for the tips! :) Now Iceland better be fun hehe *shakes fist*


Rhys said...

Yipee! Iceland's, erm, Cool! =)

Sky said...

wow - exciting.

p.s. your sample observation comes from a couple who got engaged there(!)e's tips are probably bursting with rose petals and tinged with rose-colored memories *wink wink*

have fun!

mini said...

Rhys u mean cold? ;)

Sky> Yah that couple must only remember the good parts heehee

Sky said...

mini, can't wait to see pictures of your "frodo-adventures" !

Rhys said...

Hehe, yes, iceland will always be special to us, but really, it's an amazing place. Ok ok, better not raise your expectations too high. Enjoy yourselves!