Thursday, July 24, 2008


I want to go watch the Olympics in Beijing but hubs doesn't. Bleh what a wet blanket. Since I can't be there I have to satisfy my curiosity through other means.

The architecture of Beijing's new sports complexes is fascinating! This one takes a bit getting used to but I like the bird's nest national stadium. The lines are supposed to look like cracks on a porcelain vase.

The bubble where swimming events will be held is kinda strange. Can't say I like the weird bubbly texture! Still interesting however since the walls are made with plastic and is energy efficient.

Secret dress rehearsals look like a scene out of some movie set. Ermmh is that thing on top of their head on fire??

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If you're interested in going there I read in the papers recently that only 75% of 5star hotels have been reserved so far and more than 50% of the 4 star rooms are available. As for me I will have to catch the opening ceremony on TV. Hope the air clears up by then and politics are kept out. I am sick of hearing about Dafur :P Give them a break!

PS. Did you know that the names of the Olympic Mascots spell out Beijing Huan Ying Ni in Mandarin? I think it's kinda lame. But we bought the mascots for L's kids and I remember having to explain the name Ni Ni. What kind of stupid name is that! The tones are complicated to pronounce. Ni(2) Ni(3)? Daarn it's challenging even for me. But that's not saying much huh? hur hur

OK let's end with the Beijing MTV that I have watched too many times. How many celebrities can you spot? The first time I watched, I only noticed Jackie Chan and Emil Chou. But now I know like all of the HK ones! Muahahha

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mini said...

Oh yes..frances is not allowed to pray this game. Hehe