Monday, November 28, 2005

Gobble Gobble

My stomach isn't feeling very well at all. It's been kinda queasy the past couple days. I know, I shouldn't have abused my poor tummy over thanksgiving. It's all L's fault! Why did she make such a delicious sweet potato casserole, and turkey and and ... The worst part though is that it all culminated in several bathroom runs while out shopping on Saturday (will spare all the details). Ended up taking some Imodium to feel better. And the saddest part was that we were going to Sushi Nouveau in Montclair NJ that evening for Omakase. Sigh... needless to say I didn't have much of an appetite. However, I did manage 8 pieces of sushi. The scallops and giant glams were amazingly delicious with a slight hint of a citrusy sauce (I think that's the chef's specialty). I can't believe I missed out on a good meal :( So unfair HRMP

Some photos from thanksgiving. Step aside Legal Seafoods, this oyster stew by L gives legal's clam chowder a run for its money.
Oyster Stew

Not complete without the turkey ...
Butter Herb Roasted Turkey

The pie we bought from Finale in Boston. If you can't bake it buy it teehee
Bourbon Pecan Pie

Didn't get any good photos from our sushi dinner. Hubs forgot his camera and we had to make do with my camera. He also refused to use flash :p so they all turned out dark.

The Sushi. Tastes better than it looks:
Chef's Sushi

The green tea tiramisu with almond pocky ... very good. I ate even though my stomach hurt :(

Green Tea Tiramisu


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oh no, you poor thing... hope you're feeling better!

mini said...

thanks :) still feeling kinda bloated. but I WILL survive!