Thursday, December 01, 2005

An American Girl

We checked out the American Girl store in NYC over the weekend and boy was it a mad house! There was actually a line to get in. You'd think it were a new trendy club or something. Apparently American Girl dolls are the latest 'IN' toy for girls aged 7 and up. There are 2 kinds of dolls 1) Historical Character Dolls that come with their own story 2) Just Like You dolls that look like you. Freaky eh? You can even dress like your doll. Of course these dolls don't come cheap at almost $100 a pop!

Hubs and K were rolling their eyes at the insanity of it all while kicking themselves for not coming up with such a money making idea. There are American Girl magazine, movies, books, furniture, clothes for dolls, clothes for girls, pets, the list goes on. The most ingenious (or incredulous) part I must say is the doll hair salon! You can actually bring your doll to have her hair done. $10 for a sassy ponytail, $20 for elaborate braids. They put the dolls in little chairs with aprons ... I was quite fascinated. It's all a little cute, a little nuts.

Erh yes I am a hair stylist ... for dolls. What is the world coming to??? :P
American Girl - Doll Salon!

Does this look like me? LOL


matreshka said...

hmm... i think i still prefer the Japanese dolls. Apparently you can even customise the hair. And they look funkier. hehe. but not cheap either!

mini said...

wow sounds cool !!! secretly i want one of those for myself haha