Friday, December 02, 2005

Purses R'us

Help I'm drowning in the deluge of christmas sales. My will power is weak with an empty wallet to match. I did however successfully avoid buying a new bag at the sale. Yes ladies there's a huge sale with $600 bags marked down to $175. Bring on the credit cards! For those of you on a shopping ban, please cover your ears! *nyah nyah nyah*

I've recently discovered these bag blogs too :) to help me keep up to date on my obsession ...

The Bag Blog
The Bag Lady
In My Bag
Manolo's Prada Blog
Bag Crazy

Oh yes, and this weekend there's a 30% off coupon for the Gap and Banana Republic. 20% off at Lord and Taylor and Macys, Bloomie's coupons, and a Gucci Sale. There's also a 20% off coupon floating around. Let me know if you want the codes or coupons. I'm afraid of the damage I'm gonna do ... help me please :(


gracie said...

u evil evil person.... WHhhhy did you post all these links to bags!?!?! arrgh!

mini said...

i can't help it .. it's such a good deal!!! hope someone will take advantage of the sale even if i don't hehe

S* said...

Some suggestions:

1) Train Moxie to poop on your foot everytime you look like you will crack and buy something?
2) Explain to the store detectives that you are a diagnosed kleptomaniac, and for your own good (and theirs) they have to ban you from the store?
3) hypnotherapy? Repeat after me, Consumerism is BADD... Austerity is GOOODDD

Sigh - not going to be much help here.. They look too good to resist actually.

mini said...

s ... at least it made me laugh :) #1 reminds me of stan on southpark