Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Second Thoughts

We recently hired a person from the said b-school for a position similar to mine (though I'm sure he's earning much more ..hrmm or is he?). I did however hear concerns that he wasn't experienced enough? Gosh what's going on in the job market? This dude has like more experience than I do. Are they looking for people with 15 years on their belts or something? How unfair. In any case it made me a little worried about whether b-school is really going to help me :p

Oh yes and an interview update. Thanks ya'll for the well wishes!!! You guys are the best. I ended up wearing the pant suit because of the weather and a good thing too since my lady interviewer and everyone else was wearing pants. I thought that the interview went alright except for a stupid question I asked at the end *kicks self* arhgk! But we'll see, you never really know with these things. I'll be prepared for the worst... ain't I the perpetual optimist! :)

Disclaimer: If you don't hear any thing more from me about this topic it probably means I've been dinged! Oh well life goes on ... at least I had a good run

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